Red Velvet Smoothie

I saw a Pinterest photo about using beets to make a red velvet smoothie. Here is my recipe and it is definitely worth a try. I thought it was amazing!

day 249 (1 of 1)Red Velvet Smoothie



  1. Put all ingredients except water and blend until smooth.
  2. If mixture is too thick add more water.






Day 48-Melted Crayon is Art

Once my brother and I melted crayons over a stove, which I am sure was orchestrated by my brother (I would never think of that); sadly, it did not end well! Mostly, because we were caught mid-melt. If only we would’ve known that there is a much easier way to melt crayons, use a hair dryer.  With an additional two blank canvases, I wanted to try some funkier art for my walls, plus I am not great at traditional scenic painting, I save that for photography.

The process is pretty simple. First, hot glue some crayons to a canvas, and then hold the canvas on angle and spray the hair dryer over the crayons. They start to melt and drip down the canvas. I might take the crayon wrappers off and just keep the melted part.