Day 194-Rose in the Snow

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I had to post one more rose in the snow photo. I love the contrast in the colors of the rose and the white snow.


Day 191-Struggling

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After taking a break, almost two months from blogging and Project 365, I am officially back on track.

This winter was incredibly difficult for me for multiple reasons. My immune system took a major hit and it seriously affected me emotionally and mentally. I quit taking pictures; my camera which used to be on my person at all times was left gathering dust on a shelf. To say I was struggling with day-to-day happiness is putting it lightly. At one point, I planned on abandoning the Project 365 all together.

However, a lot has happened over the past couple of weeks and I really want to finish this project plus I missed blogging. Hopefully, after this last snow storm in Colorado, spring will officially arrive and stay, and my winter blues will go away.