Day 181-182-More Accessories


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Day 180-Cupcake Fashion

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Again, I am writing about my cupcake obsession…


For my birthday a couple years ago, my brother and sister-in-law gave me a beautiful cupcake necklace. I call it my lucky necklace, mostly because I feel special when I wear it.


This weekend, I was testing out different aperture settings and decided to photograph all of my jewelry. The cupcake looks so detailed; it is my favorite photograph that I took!


Day 179-Pearls Are a Girl’s Best Friend


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I know it’s supposed to be diamonds are girl’s best friend; however, I have always been a pearl girl, probably because pearls are my gem stone. Pearls dress up even the most casual of outfits, which I love. Hello? Deep V-Neck with a multi-string pearl necklace, anyone?


Day 178-Magazine Coasters

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I subscribe to two different magazines, Vogue and Cosmopolitan, and usually I just recycle them. I wanted to do something fun with them, and I always loved those magazine bowls.

However, I decided to start small and make some coasters. It was a little time consuming but fairly simple. You need sixteen sheets of magazines, then you fold them into 1/2″strip, glue the flap down. Then, you put glue on each strip and start rolling.

Next weekend, I attempt to make a bowl, wish me luck!


Day 177-Sewing Box


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I learned how to sew when I was twelve courtesy of home education. I made an apron and pajamas; then once school ended, I made my dad a green apron for Father’s Day and my mother navy blue pajamas for her birthday. I had to borrow a neighbor”s sewing machine.

I got my first sewing machine at eighteen, I decorated my first apartment, learned to hem jeans, but I never had place for all my thread, needles, extra fabric, etc. I used a sturdy shoe box until this Saturday when I found the coolest sewing box, and major plus it was only $5!


Day 172-176-Spring Wardrobe

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First, happy birthday, Martin Luther King, Jr. !

Second, with my day off, I have decided to play catch up on my very neglected photo project.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to put my self on a spending diet, and as soon as I mentioned “spending diet”, I started dreaming about spring clothing. Thankfully, Goodwill had a half off day on Saturday, and I was able to find satisfy my spring clothing dreams.

My total was $46.00. I purchased seven dresses, two skirts, one shirt, one blazer, a sewing box, and 4 yards of fabric. I think this falls into my spending diet budget, plus I got a dress for $15.00 with a $128.00 tag on it!

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Not only did I get the world’s most adorable wrap dress, but I finally got a red polka dot dress. For some reason, I have always wanted a red polka dot dress, probably because I have always had a small obsession with Minnie Mouse, the pre Barney’s makeover of course.

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Day 170-Cold Day for Walking

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I love cold weather; I especially love walking in cold weather, but yesterday I could not handle the cold. It was 5 degrees and windy while I tried to walk a trail. I was only able to snap a couple of photopraphs before the bitter cold got the best of me!

Day 169-Put Down the Cupcake?

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Most people who know me, even just a little, know that I have a small, okay large, obsession with cupcakes. I even have a tattoo of a cupcake and it is one of my nicknames. I know that whoopie pies, pakes, and macarons are popular, but is there really anything better than a cupcake?

I feel like I can make a cake with the same ingredients as a cupcake but it would not taste and/or look nearly as good as a cupcake. I found the most delicious cupcake recipe from Domestic Ingenuity. You can find the recipes on her site. fully recommend trying this recipe; adding the Reese’s cup to the cupcake just adds a whole new layer and flavor that is complimented by the peanut butter frosting.

To answer my title question, you never put the this cupcake down!

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