Day 165-My Year in Review and New Resolutions

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I am a list maker, whatever I do, I need a list. I currently have three life goals list: my 2012 resolution list, before I turn 26 to do list, and my bucket list. Recently, I took a look at my lists, and I was pleasantly surprised that I completed several things 2012 resolution list and the 26 list.

2012 brought a lot of changes both professionally and personally. I got a promotion at work, found a new and better apartment and my biggest personal accomplishment, I quit biting my nails. It may seem trivial, but I have been trying to stop biting my nails since I was a teen, and I finally have stopped.

With all the accomplishments of 2012, I had some major failures; I did not get accepted into business school, which was a huge let down, and I am still my worst critic.

With 2013 coming soon, I decided to write a new resolution list.

  1. No more self loathing. In 2012, I made great strides on the self loathing front, but in 2012; I really want to cut the self-hatred out completely.
  2. Drink more water.
  3. Run the Bolder Boulder. I did it once in 2011, but I would love to do it again in 2012.
  4. Volunteer more.
  5. Take the bus at least three times a week to work.
  6. Blog more frequently.
  7. Look at life as half full not half empty.
  8. Reconnect with old friends.
  9. Go on a vacation.
  10. Learn to knit.
  11. Read one book a month.
  12. Listen more than I talk. Considering I talk too much, this is going to be a hard one!
  13. Try photographing new things. I love nature, but I would love to photograph new objects.
  14. Learn to play the guitar.
  15. Learn to speak French.
  16. Don’t take life so seriously.
  17. Go hiking more.
  18. Stop complaining especially in the summer. I complain about the heat way too much!

I am sure I will add more things, but this is it for now.

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Day 164-Bare Trees Are Really Beautiful

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Last winter, I only photographed snow covered branches, but this winter I have developed a small obsession with photographing bare trees. I love the way the branches look without leaves; there is something really raw and organic about bare trees.

Day 163-Bird Watching

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I might have been a little impatient and only waited about ten minutes for a bird to show up, but in my defense it was pretty cold outside! I will wait until the spring to bird watch.

Day 162-Does Size Really Matter?

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I remember the first time I became aware of my size. I was ten years old and was walking with my best friend, we dressed in identical outfits because that’s what BFFs did, and a family member commented on how much bigger I was than my friend. I was not supposed to hear the comment, but I did, and that was the moment I became hyper aware of my size.

Before that comment, I never thought about what size I wore, just if  clothes fit or didn’t; I never compared my size or myself to my friends.  That comment also sparked a battle against myself and the start of my constant comparison to other girls that continued until very recently. As I got older, I fixated on being a size 4; it was my ideal size, the key to my happiness.  A few years ago I finally reached my ultimate goal. After months of working out twice a day and giving up sugar entirely (as an avid baker, it was not an easy task. Life without cupcakes isn’t really living!), I finally fit into a size 4 dress, a red Calvin Klein dress. I remember standing in the Macy’s fitting after zipping the dress and doing my happy dance. I have only been able to wear the dress twice, and once was with Spanx. My “Size 4 Happiness” was short lived, which led me to do some soul searching and make a change.

My self diagnosed problem is for most of my life I truly believed if I was a size 4, I would magically become the happiest girl in the world. I would have the shiny hair, perfectly white teeth and a boyfriend who is the modern day Mr. Darcy, and I was absolutely wrong.  Finally, I asked myself “why does my size matter so much?” Would Elizabeth Bennett care about her size? Probably not.

I hit my breaking point about my size about a year ago. I no longer cared about being the ideal size. The holy grail of a size 4 was really losing its appeal. As long as I am healthy, I will never say “I really want to lose 10 pounds” again.  My only size 4 dress  is on its way to Goodwill. It will no longer hang my closet taunting me to compare it to my other dresses.

So, does size really matter? Absolutely not. Does the ideal size equal happiness? Only for a second.

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Day 161-This Cat is the Bee’s Knees

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There is something so dapper about  tuxedo cats; maybe it’s that they are all dressed for the occasion, but whatever the reason I find tuxedo cats to be so sophisticated, especially when they wear bow tie collars. Seriously, doesn’t this cat look so cool and hip?

Day 160-Sleeping Cat


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Jackson Galaxy (from My Cat from Hell) said in an interview that watching sleeping cats makes his blood pressure drop, and I have to agree with him. When I am stressed, either looking at sleeping cats or looking at pictures of sleeping cats really calms me. Cats just look so happy and peaceful when they sleep. Hopefully, Ming (the cat above) will ease your stress level!

Day 158 & 159-White Christmas

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Dreams really do come true…I have waited a very long time to have an actual White Christmas and last night’s snow fall is the best present ever I got!

It is stunningly beautiful outside and I wish I could have stayed outside longer to enjoy the snow, but my face was getting numb, so I am taking a break. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Day 157-Winter Wind

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Colorado’s wind was very hard for me to get used; considering I lost my rear window last year to the wind. We have not had bad wind this year, but today the wind really picked up, and I lacked the proper outerwear!

Day 156-Wishing for Snow


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With only three days until Christmas and a snow forecast for Christmas, I am desperately wishing for a White Christmas!

I wanted to post this photo earlier this week, but I did not have time to edit it.

Fingers crossed for snow!