Day 105-Identity Crisis and Self-Portrait

Last week, I decided to make a radical change to my appearance (thank you, Lena Dunham and Miley Cyrus; you make it look so easy). The radical change was supposed to help with creative inspiration. So, I had a hair appointment for Saturday, and I would donate my hair to breast cancer survivors.  I found an awesome edgier hairstyle online (thanks to British pop star, Frankie Sandford).

As Saturday approached, my excitement increased, and I thought I would get my new radical haircut and my self-confidence would rival Rihanna, except I am no Rihanna. After my hair stylist finished cutting and styled my hair, I immediately starting crying and not over joy. I hated it; yes, my hair stylist did everything I asked; however, I was not prepared to have one side cut so short and to lose almost ten inches of hair on that side! I can no longer use my hair to blanket my face.

After rushing to pay for my haircut and running into a department store to find a bathroom, I called my friend and broke down. Yes, I hysterically cried in the middle of a store, and I fully believed people were staring at me because of my hair not because I was crying like a small child in a public place.

Anyways, once I got to my car, I cried for another half hour, and then decided to buy new hair products and try restyling my hair at home. It did help as well as the positive feedback from friends. I also felt embarrassed that I cried over my hair, but I have always been a bit of a drama queen!

Ultimately, this story is the reason I posted this photograph. I wanted to face the insecurities over my hair and my new appearance.  I have never done a self-portrait for Project 365 and no intentions of ever doing a self-portrait for this project; however, in an effort to radically change and be more creative, I am showing my very first self-portrait, and what better way to fight the epic battle with insecurity than to post a picture for the world to see?

Also, I know this may seem superficial and trivial; however, this is the shortest my hair has ever been, and I never react well to change. Also, I do not hate it anymore, but I am still getting used to it! My hair is definitely a work in progress!


10 thoughts on “Day 105-Identity Crisis and Self-Portrait

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  2. Your hair looks fantastic, and even if you still don’t like it, it will grow back! Plus you have done something wonderful to help someone who really needs it!

  3. You look lovely…and I’ve been there too. When I saw my reflection in the windows of my car on the way out of the beauty salon! I did start crying. But the beautiful thing is: hair grows back! It could be worse: it could be something permanent…like a burn or something awful. Sorry to be morbid….guess it’s the work I do as a paramedic. 🙂

    • Thanks, and as I was crying I kept thinking it could be way worse! I am a bit dramatic sometimes 😉

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