Day 75-Fall…Yes, Please!


I have been anxiously waiting for the leaves to start changing. My favorite season since moving to Colorado is fall with winter running a close second. Yesterday, I noticed the leaves started changing, apparently early this year because of the drought and warm temperatures, but I am not complaining!


7 thoughts on “Day 75-Fall…Yes, Please!

  1. I’ve got an old red maple out front. When it turns red, it turns in a hurry, faster than any of the other trees in the neighborhood. But then, it doesn’t last long. It’s like the tree gives a big sigh and the leaves all start flowing to the ground. I’ve been here 15 years and I haven’t had the opportunity to take a photo of it when it’s at its reddest. I hope to catch it this year and then post it.

      • I will try my best to get some good shots. I’ll have to walk some distance away to get in the entire tree because it’s gotten pretty tall. This means I’ll have all the neighborhood dogs barking like crazy! LOL!

      • Well, it turned a pale orange this year and as of yesterday, the leaves have all fallen off! It is the first bare tree in the neighborhood. I took a camera with me in the car two days in a row hoping to catch it at it’s peak, but that never happened! Guess I’ll just have to wait for next year again! : – )

      • Oh bummer, and yes, there is always next near! I noticed some bare trees this weekend, and it makes so so sad, I absolutely love fall!

      • It is sad, isn’t it. But the trees turning all the gorgeous colors are a feast for the eyes! I dead-headed my rose bush a week or so ago and now I’ve got blooms! This week we’re going to have a warm spell so I may get a lot of roses. If I do, I’ll post a short post with photos : – )

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