Day 71-Baby Shower Treats


Sadly, I am one of those overachievers who create impossible goals for myself and get very disappointed when my plans do not turn out perfectly. It is a flaw that I am working on. I had a vision of tiny cakes with three layers, each layer being a different flavor, which I would basketweave with Italian buttercream and two people would share the cakes, complicated enough? My system broke down when I realized I would not have time. Instead, I made six slightly larger cakes, still with the three layers. I wish I had more time to perfect the basketweaving; however, I can live with it.

Most of the recipes have already been posted on my blog, but I will give the greatest tip to cake baking: add a box of instant pudding to the cake batter right before putting it in the oven, and you will get the most moist cake ever! Side note tip: I added fresh flowers to “hide” the cake’s flaws.


5 thoughts on “Day 71-Baby Shower Treats

  1. that looks really good. the flowers are really nice. when you add the instant pudding, is it just the powder or have you already made the pudding?

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