Day 60-Rose Petals

Did you ever play the “Loves me, loves me not” game with flower petals? When I was younger, I used to do this all the time, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas, if you are reading this, you totally love me! Anyways, I have a small abundance of roses, one of my roses bushes gets about three new bloomed roses each week (I am very proud), so I wanted to try something different than just displaying the fresh roses. I decided to make my own rose water, a time-consuming and difficult process, but I would like to give it a try or at least the good old college try! Plus, the petals create some fantastic photography opportunities.

I played the “Loves me, loves me not” game while removing the petals today and sadly, he loves me not. I do not know who he is (it is not Jonathan Taylor Thomas), but he does not love me! Weird side note, I have never really looked at the center of a rose, it is very beautiful!


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