Day 55-Just Misunderstood

Pit bulls really have a big stigma attached to them. Most people are terrified of them, and I cannot speak for every pit bull in world, but I can speak for one, Doast, the dog I am dog sitting this weekend.

Doast is a very lovable and instead of lazy; I am going to say he is a professional lounger with a slight snoring problem and an addiction to belly rubs. Some of his best traits: he waited for me when I walked too slowly on our walk this morning and every time I look at him his tail starts wagging!

He loved having his picture taking; he posed in several different ways. I even told him to “work it” at one point! The first picture has a slightly orange tint; I took this morning right after the sun rose, but I like the hue of the pphot as is. The third picture is his ready-for-a-belly-rub pose!


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