Day 49-You Made A Bear!

Do you remember the episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer called “Pangs“? It was one of the better episodes in season 4, a Thanksgiving episode, where a Native American spirit, Hus, is attacking Buffy and the gang. Meanwhile, Spike is strapped to a chair while Buffy fights Hus; Buffy stabs Hus with his knife, and he turns into a bear. Spike yells “You made a bear!”, “Undo it Undo it!!” Now every time I see a bear whether in life or photographs; I always want to yell, “You made a bear!”, with a slight British accent (thank you Joss Whedon for invading my everyday life all the time!).

So, imagine my surprise at the Farmers’ Market last week when I saw this stuffed bear. I almost yelled “You made a bear!” which I  am sure people would have thought I was crazy! Anyways, I had to get a picture of this guy, who I named Hus, and now, I am emphatically typing “YOU MADE A BEAR!”


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