Day 47-Childhood Craving

Do you ever have a craving for your a favorite childhood dish? Whether it’s mac-n-cheese, corn dog, your grandmother’s best dessert, etc. Now I have many guilty pleasures especially with food and television (Pretty Little Liars, my secret shame is that absolutely love this show!).  For me, my food guilty pleasure from childhood is Oreos and peanut butter. Blame it on Lindsay Lohen and the Parent Trap, but I cannot help but revert back to this delicious treat. Don’t underestimate an Oreo and peanut butter; it is an excellent combination of flavors. Give it a try! To add a gourmet twist, make your own Oreos and peanut butter, but I think it awesome to indulge in some guilty pleasures occasionally! If you care to share your guilty pleasure food, tv show or anything, leave a comment below!

For the photographs, I did not do much post work except increasing the contrast to make the peanut butter look more vibrant. Happy Friday!


4 thoughts on “Day 47-Childhood Craving

  1. Kaylee, thanks for introducing me to your guilty pleasure…i can attest that they are wonderful with a large freezing cold glass of milk! – Dan

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