Day 43-Anna Karenina

Sorry for the short and delayed post, but my oreo cheesecake is not quite set yet, so I have to use a different picture.

Have you ever read Anna Karenina?  I read it in college, but could not really remember what happened other than the train part (I wont spoil it for you!). I decided to start rereading the classics. I started with Anna Karenina, and it is definitely a tawdry, dramatic novel! Seriously, Tolstoy is very prolific. Anyways, I just finished part 1 of the eight parts! If you haven’t read it, I recommend it!

The photo below was not what I wanted, but I am accepting its flaws and mine!




2 thoughts on “Day 43-Anna Karenina

  1. Ahhh! Yes! I read it last year and absolutely adored it. Marvelous – a must read classic. Tolstoy is impecable. My favorite character must’ve been Levin. He was so deep and complex, so brilliantly developed by the author. Swing by my blog if you wish (please) it’s about Russia!

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