Day 61-Work with Fire

I have photographed candles before, but I wanted to try something different. I tried different shutter speeds while photographing fire. I tested almost every shutter speed on the same shot. I am only posting three different speeds because I took well over twenty photos; I wanted to be thorough! I did not use a flash while taking the pictures.

If you don’t know, tonight is a blue moon; hopefully, the clouds will clear before the sunsets!

Here is 2 seconds:

3.2 seconds:

8 seconds:


Day 60-Rose Petals

Did you ever play the “Loves me, loves me not” game with flower petals? When I was younger, I used to do this all the time, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas, if you are reading this, you totally love me! Anyways, I have a small abundance of roses, one of my roses bushes gets about three new bloomed roses each week (I am very proud), so I wanted to try something different than just displaying the fresh roses. I decided to make my own rose water, a time-consuming and difficult process, but I would like to give it a try or at least the good old college try! Plus, the petals create some fantastic photography opportunities.

I played the “Loves me, loves me not” game while removing the petals today and sadly, he loves me not. I do not know who he is (it is not Jonathan Taylor Thomas), but he does not love me! Weird side note, I have never really looked at the center of a rose, it is very beautiful!

Day 59-The Gift of Lavender

Wednesday is always Farmers’ Day for me, which I am sure I have said too many times! This week, I was lacking inspiration; I walked the market twice and I did not take a single photograph! On my second lap, my friend pointed out a small table selling dried sage and lavender. I bought a darling little sack filled with lavender for my friend’s birthday. Apparently, you can put these sacks in the drier instead of using dryer sheets. I may have to purchase some for myself; I would sprinkle it in my dresser drawers!


Day 58-Red Carnations

Not to redo yesterday’s post, but I have red carnations as well, and they photographed differently than the peach carnations. I prefer the peach carnations; maybe I need more practice, but I have a hard time photographing red flowers. To me, the red or burgundy flowers always look a little blurry and over exposed, but what are you going to do? I do love the first photograph, but that is about it (I am so self deprecating today)!

Day 57-Peach Carnations

I have a new policy for Mondays: buy myself fresh flowers, not just so I have something to photograph, but to brighten up my house. Like pit bulls, carnations have a stigma attached to them as well; that they are cheap, tacky, and it’s an insult to give them to someone! However, I am siding with Carrie Bradshaw, carnations are making a comeback. I personally think they are beautiful flowers, and I love the way the petals intertwine with each other. I may be alone in my opinion, but you can never go wrong with carnations!
In the last week, I have photographed several different types of flowers, and one of the things I learned is flower look so much better in sunlight.

Day 56-Sunflower

Another weekend gone by so quickly, but thankfully next weekend will be a three-day weekend for me (Yeah, Labor Day weekend)! So, I decided I needed a little bright and cheerfulness to break the Monday Blues! I decided to get some pictures of sunflowers, what is brighter than a yellow sunflower?

I always have a little trouble photographing sunflowers especially in direct sun. They always come out extremely bright almost blindingly bright.

Day 55-Just Misunderstood

Pit bulls really have a big stigma attached to them. Most people are terrified of them, and I cannot speak for every pit bull in world, but I can speak for one, Doast, the dog I am dog sitting this weekend.

Doast is a very lovable and instead of lazy; I am going to say he is a professional lounger with a slight snoring problem and an addiction to belly rubs. Some of his best traits: he waited for me when I walked too slowly on our walk this morning and every time I look at him his tail starts wagging!

He loved having his picture taking; he posed in several different ways. I even told him to “work it” at one point! The first picture has a slightly orange tint; I took this morning right after the sun rose, but I like the hue of the pphot as is. The third picture is his ready-for-a-belly-rub pose!

Day 54-Black and White Remake

After taking photographs of several different flowers and plants this week, I have picked my favorite: the Gerber daisy. I also took way too many pictures of the daisies, but you can never have too many pictures! I really wanted to post photos of the daisies just once more, mostly because I love the way the water drops look on the petals. I decided to change them to black and white photographs (mixing it up!) and really try to emphasis the water drops.  I love the photographs in black and white; however, I really do prefer color photographs of flowers. Also, I think the water on the flowers are the focus of the photographs.

Day 53-Rosemary

Yesterday, I added another plant to my ever growing garden. I purchased some rosemary on impulse. My ultimate goal: I want the rosemary to attract more bees; I do not have enough bees! Also, I like to keep fresh rosemary in a vase like flowers because it has such an amazing smell.

I had a little trouble getting a close-up shop of the rosemary (it was a little windy this morning), but I do love the color contrast in full view photograph of the rosemary and the pot.

Day 52-Purple Coneflower

While house sitting yesterday, I noticed a very unique flower. They are called Echinacea purpurea ‘Bravado’ or the Purple Coneflower. The Coneflower may be the a new addition to my garden; I am getting a little overzealous with the gardening!

The photographs are not as great as I wanted them to be because I moved the ISO to 200 and slowed the shutter speed and apparently, I have very shaky hands in the morning!